Esmee Smith founder of Halula


 With the sand under my feet, the sun on my face and the ocean in front of me, I started living for surfing. You probably also like or want to create the love of the water. Then you will find the things you are looking for here. 

I am lucky enough that I discovered many different oceans. My adventure started in Thailand, where I travelled for a month. From Thailand I went to Switzerland, where I worked for 4 months at a ski rental company and developed my skills for snowboarding. Then back to the heat: Zanzibar, here  I found my love for kitesurfing. After my adventure in Zanzibar for 3 months I went to the other side of the world, New Zealand where I stayed for 8 months. Here I travelled in the North and South Island. Where the nature is insane beautiful. 


I also learned how to wakeboard, it's a funny sport besides the brushes I got from it. Crazy enough I participated an international wakeboard competition in New Zealand. It was fun to do. 


Back home in The Netherlands I started teaching with kitesurfing, never thought I would like that so much. It's so nice to share your passion and seeing other people having fun with kitesurfing. 

Hopfully I can continue my love for travelling soon again. But first another kite season in Workum and meet some nice people and doing what I like. 

Because if you want to have beautiful memory's for later, you must make them now !!!


But now how I started with Halula; While traveling I bought my first poncho to keep me warm after a kite session, I liked the concept  but the colors where a bit boring. I thought this could be better! And that's how Halula's idea has started. Together with my mother I went in search of the right fabrics and color patterns. Upstairs in the attic we created a studio where my mother and a girlfriend makes the ponchos themself. The ponchos are designed for convenience but also for fashion and comfy. The poncho makes it easy to change clothes or just chill in, because they are great! The ponchos are actually designed for all water sports and make's it a little bit easier to change your wetsuit into clothes!


This is the first step I took for Halula. I would like to develop a much more expanded range in the future. I would really like to sell sweaters, t-shirts, jewelry, bikinis, etc. I would also like to see more of the world, which country will be next…?